New to mac?

Found this post on reddit. Thought it would be useful.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CMD+Space opens the Spotlight window, which VERY quickly lets you search for files and applications to launch. It’s how I open everything.
  • CMD+Q quits the application
  • CMD+W closes the current window
  • CMD+Shift+3 takes a whole-screen screenshot and saves it to the desktop
  • CMD+Shift+4 lets you drag the mouse to save a screenshot of a portion of your screen
  • Option+Right-Clicking an icon in the Dock will let you Force Quit frozen applications
  • CMD+Option+Shift+Right-Clicking an icon in the Dock will REALLY let you Force Quit a frozen application pretty immediately.
  • CMD+I Opens the Inspector, which shows you a file’s properties.
  • Holding CMD and clicking lets you reposition items in the menubar. You can even drag them out to remove them entirely.

can read the rest on reddit.

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