I’ve never created any photobooks before. I did buy a voucher a few years ago for Photobook Malaysia but it expired because it was too time consuming to create one. After my Jeju trip I decided to try make one. I first tried doing one on Photobook Malaysia then on Pixajoy.

The print quality and color reproduction from Pixajoy’s was better to my liking. Photobook Malaysia’s print was a bit dull and not that sharp. These are 8″ x 8″ Image-wrapped hardcover books. You can buy the voucher for rm39.90 each then add another rm8 for glossy lamination. These aren’t wedding albums so I wouldn’t spend too much on one though I wish the landscape 8 X 11.5 was cheaper but I’ll settle for 8×8.

Each book took around 1+ hour to create as I didn’t really do any fancy design. Just tweaked the layout to my liking here and there. Once ordered you will be given an online preview of the book.

Update Jan 2020:

Now now more 39.90, it’s RM51+

Kandovan, Iran

Kandovan is an extraordinary ancient village in the province of East Azarbaijan, near the city of Tabriz, Iran. With its at least 800 years existence, this remarkable place is inhabited by 670 people and offers scenic beauty for its travelers.

With homes carved inside rocks, some of them 700 years old, the Kandovan village is said to have been partially formed by volcanic remains from a strong Mount Sahand eruptions hundreds of years ago.


"Life is like a camera. Focus only on what is important and you will capture it perfectly."