bsod bsod bsod


Since last night I’ve been trying to work on this html/css splicing work but I’ve been getting Bsod every time I work on it. At first I thought it was something with the laptop because I rarely get them unless I multitask too much until it crashes.

Then I thought it was the psd, which doesnt make sense but after it keeps happening a few times with only photoshop and editplus opened, must be the cause right?

Now that I’ve installed photoshop cs6, I thought my troubles are behind me..

Opened up the psd, nothing happens – yay. A few minutes later I opened up the html and css file, boom. b-freekin-sod. gah.


turns out, there’s a bad sector on my hdd. :\ I honestly didn’t expect that since this machine is only slightly a year old.

oh well, time to backup and get a new drive.

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